One day "h"

The fire is grown
Its tongue could reach the sky
It can melt the cloud
The birds would be fallen
If they passed over and wide
The danger would surround
The boy was astonished
He cried, cried a lot
The fire had not heart
It burned and killed
It is enormous over thought
Stop, stop, the obey ordered
Then he argued
The fire is danger
It is crawled as oracular
Big, big as monster
Its shape was as wild
Came from abdomen of the past
Stop, stop
The fire could not respond
The fire could not act
Except attack
Attack at every side
It called at it
It crawled in fast
His heart pumped
His heart jumped
He wanted to escape
It had been caught
He could not move
The boy’s face got red
The boy’s face got pale
He called to his uncle
He called at loud
He called as he could
He called for help
At the end
He asked his God
At the end
After the ways of save has closed
After the hope was vanished
After the dark governed
One must get his head up
Asking one
Asking his God
To get his hand
The rat appeared
He called his friend
The eagle flew
He downed
He could not untie
He returned in fast
He carried the rat
By his nails
The rat in rapid
Could get the rope tie
The boy thanked his God
Then he thanked his friends
One must thank who helped
At least, return the favor
The eagle called more
To get the boy out
They gathered
The boy was not afraid
They carried him out
He was saved
He wanted to avenge
He could count the range
He asked them to get back
The eagles hate the dark
The injustice one was damned
By the sand, by the land
By every created
His limbs damned
The boy carried a big stone
He wanted to throw soon
He lifted it up
He will let it falling