one day 1b

She looks at the sky
Her eyes were filled with t tears
She heard the birds singing
She remembered the flies drawing
A good scene that can’t be forgotten
She remembered the roses opening
And the spring coming
After clod and frozen winter
She thought the hope being nearer
She flew with car
Far, far as the plane
When she ascended
With heart was trembled
As saw the accident
The car was overlapped
The dead was lied
She believed his her was at
He asked what, what?
The police man was bad
He ordered to get out
She insisted and cried
Her tears cut the stone
He looked at
He said
That was a car
Carrying four
She interrupted
No, no five
He said, be silent
Or you will be out
With harsh and loud
Came from solid heart out
She stopped without
Her willing and looked
He became silent
He said
Examine that more than times
He said
We found one dying
The others were vanishing
The thieves took the boy
Their hearts were solid
They went up
To be out, out
The plane must completed
 Even, the god refused
The mercy was ascended
The love was spreaded
They decided
They wanted to be out
Of looking and thought
That thought that they could
Hide from God
They hanged a long tie
Strong and high
They designed
To kill him by hanging
The nanny prayed
The three those were saved
Had no heart
They hanged the boy they let him to be alone
Hanging from his nick
The roof was suddenly dropped
The stones were fallen
The dust covered
The scene was dark
No one could not look