One day 1f

What we called love
In the past
Now we call tough
The days may be passed
But they digs signs
Reminded us what had happened?
It may be best
It may be worst
Who did that
Will carry his fault
Till his name reminded
Or that fault was thought
The time is now
For us to live in brother without hate
God creates the land
Knowing there will be enough
Place to live in
They decided to get him shot
His eyes were blinded
His legs were tied
His hands were backed
He stood the tallest
Tree on wide place
They were struggled
To get him dead
Every one wanted
Not to get him save
But to get him dead
Nanny prayed to God
To give him his hand
To get him save
The sun was anger
What is the matter
That makes the man able
To be worse than devil
The sun cried a lot
His tears were hot
Ascended on bald
He looked at her
Saying with mercy
What makes my queen cry?
She said in high sound
Making lightening was seen
And the thunder was heard
“the justice wanted to go
It was dismissed by mankind  
He could know
That he was created only
To live in land
Get it more calm
The eagles was downed
Fast than blink of eyes
Than the thunder lightens
He was on his hand
Against the bids act
He made himshot higher and up
The shot was aimed
At a balance stone
It was hardly on
He moved down and up
Then he was downed
Making a great vibrate
That made another one
Stone get up and then downed on that
Only bad anger one
Who cried a loud
That his long finger one
Was broken and she cried.