One day 1d

Now the wolf appeared
They yowled
They saw the dear moved
They got their tusks sharp
Their eyes get red
Their nails are solid
Their heart converted
To stone
They must hurried
To kill that worst
One got him
They transported into wide
Over a high hill
Out of seen
No one could look
No one could give hand
He could not escape
They tied strongest
At tree that was old
And let him a lone
To let the wild eat
He was so kind
He was so young
He found a sick cat
Mowing for cold
He cold at
He got her warm
She could be cured
She thanked him not at talk
Ass human did
But with act with act
She told every animal
She chased rat
Till that one
She caught him strong
And told him without long speech
If you want freedom
Get that on un tie
It is so easy
The rat got happy
He cut the rope easily
And he called every rat
They brought the food
To get him eaten
The wolves came they saw him free
They decided another
Plane to get him vanished

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