One day 1a

They would try to finish the money
They would surely spend it in rubbish
They had bad and foolish
Thoughts and ugly establish
In money and wealth
Who would save the boy?
Who would save the money?
Nanny might do
She sent a letter
God followed you
God would punish you
I would send my soldiers
To destroy all of you
She ended the letter with his name
The world overlapped
They could be bad
They searched about
They found, found
He was kidnapped
His relatives were
His aunt!
Who might be as his mum
And his uncle!
Who might care as father
And the cousin!
Who might advise as his brother
And the wife of uncle!

Who must save that truckle
He was taken by car
which flew so far
as rocket in sky
who stop that try
to destroy the love
who would turn that tough?
into good and kind enough?
Nanny prayed to her God
Nanny was trying to look up
Nanny rode her old one
Nanny cried from her heart
Why the worst got chance
Why the devil drew the sad
At deep heart and face
Why they wanted to convert the green
Into yellow and the kind into heart. She could not see enough
She stood and prayed to the God
The heart might be stopped
The mind might be ended
But her tongue still talked
Prayed, prayed to God
She lost her patient
She got out from the car
Looking so far
Trying to stop every car
Asking any about what?
They thought her mad
They thought her have bad
They thought her she had
Long thought to get what
One save all of his effort?

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