what is the mean of prince?

The only mean is man very kind and love all man kind and

The prince and the poor man

There were in ancient times prince have a good health and great wealth he g.t out for hunter and as the travel was far he felt with tired ,so he slept under a tree and his soldiers slept also even the guards

There was poor man who had some goats ,which one of them run and ram the prince who got up immediately .as he was filled with terror he ordered to kill this man and his animal as it hurt him and the man was responsible for that. there was wisdom man with the prince and said to him ,dir sir can you wait and do not punish him till we reach your palace?

The prince said "why ?"

The wise man said "as all people said the prince goes to hunt his people!"

The prince agreed

When they reach the palace, the prince said "now we can hunt this man and his animal and punish both of them!"

The wise man said "dear majesty! ,we can kill this poor man and his animal as he is hungry ,we must feed him and this poor animal! ,and then we can punish him"

The prince agree .after the man ate ,the prince orderd to kill this man and his animal at once

The wise man said "no dear majesty ,we can't kill him as he ate your food that's mean you gave him promise of peace"

The prince aid "no ,you are so blest ,so we eat this animal!"

The wise man said "no ,no dear majesty as your people will say the prince kill the animal of his people as he became poor"

"I suggest you gave him some goats and a valuable money and you return him to his home"

The prince said "o"

The wise said "all people will mention that for ever"

So he prince he prince became kind and love man in the eyes of hi people

If you want to be hero

You must not hurt any one

You must help the weak one

And give hand to he needs it

You must give the poor money

To live with happy

You must learn the artless

To read everything

You must spread the rule that said

"If you do bad you will get as you did"