the prince8

The brave must be obvious and spread to all soldier and that was happened to the bees
That there was a poverty spread all the jungle .all plants became dry ,no water in the running rivers no drain rain from the sky. The hot sun rises every day with high temperature ,made the winds spreaded also hot and bad weather ,the lives reaches to the end of life but the a live of them wanted to war between them to get what they want from food by forcing stealing ,robed and hijacked. There were ants live in this jungle and they wanted to eat ,the queen of them sending her eyes and spies her and there to find out any food. They found that there was bees who had much much honeys who kept it for like that days. They  decided to attack the bee's kingdom to get their food . the queen of bees knew that there was  an attack at her kingdom so she made a sit of war to take their opinions about these an expected war.  The leaders said that their kingdom can't bear this attack and they will be beaten. She remarked about the weaken points that might caused beaten 
She told her three points around the hole entrance of the kingdom ,so she ordered her soldiers to defend against this hole of entrance of her kingdom .the ants began their attack .they try to get up to the trunk where the bees built their kingdom. the bees forces threw the stones and carry the ants from their back and threw them away
The day became in the middle ,and the war was still continued. The ants' queen ordered her soldier to kill any bees they met and fight with their soul as they would die if they beat in this was
The ants soldiers attack and they could found the way to the hole ,finally they reach to the hole of the entrance .the bad news reached to the bees' queen ,so she began to collect her things to fly away . but there was a prices .who said in clear and loud voices "why do we draw?"
"follow me "she ordered her guard and said "do as I do!"
The queen of bees cried and said" they will kill you my princess ,they kill you my daughter ,they will let you in pieces ."
The princess said "dying as defending to my home ,its great honor."
She flied and with her high voice saying "you wanted to kill us took  what you are deserve" she flew down and carry the ants to clear and bright rocks where the temperatures are higher than can one bear and  she threw them ,her guards did as she. the thrown ants can not stand as she did saw the ants soldier decreased the ability of fighting and the ants gave up.
She demanded the ants queen and made a deal that the bee will give the ants some food to get over this poverty
The queen became very happy of her daughter brave and kind.
She said "the true prince who help the poor, who gave hands to the people who wants to make the all happy"