the prince5

Do your best to achieve your aim?

My aim when I become older to be a doctor, an engineer ,an actor ,an actress, nurse ,soldier ,officer …… etc

This an answer to a question ?

"what would you like to be when you will be older ?"

The aim to be achieved needs three parts

1.the sight "means I want to a doctor I must study hard and ,have good sports exercises as the doctor must be fit and give hand to all mankind

2. the purpose means I must study hard to achieve my aim and do what I wish to be not the other if my wish is respectable

3.the patient and dream must I achieve

Once a rabbit wants to sports in his team and the sport man must sleep early and get up early, do sports exercises ,knowing the other doing in their experiments and competition, and eating good.

The rabbit did not do no one of this things so when he went to participate in sports like wrestle he was beaten in the first competition. All trainers did not want to trin him ,so he entered hi home sad ,he did not want to eat or to do any thing . after some moments his mother entered his room she found him crying .she said one statements "if you want to be ,do what you you want"

He heard her and stopped of crying and followed her "but my mother no one wants to train me !" he said .

She replied "I will be your trainer ,what do you want to be?"

"I want to be a wrestler " he said .

The mother said "no let's say tomorrow, but first you must sleep early ,get up early ,eat will "

The rabbit said "but mother you did not know any thing about trainer !"

She said "what's matter? I will "they both sleep early and they get up early and eat they breakfast and went the yard "green yard " they changed their clothes and began to train , as his mother was fat everyone was passing , he scoffed at her .the son became angry but her mother said "if you want a respectable thing ,you must be it ,do not hear to the other saying"

When she wrestled him ,he found him weak, so she decided

To make him play another sport ,he played in running competition. They every day got up early and go for trains

Now the time of competition for school began .she wanted to make her son participate in this competition.

The authority said "but your son did not train in any school trainer ,and we can't accept him"

"what ?, the sport must be under trainer, who says that"

The authority said "the laws ,madam."

She said "I will judged you "

The authorities looked at each other and talked in law voices then the accept him .

The competition was in three days. The responsible of this competition has made some people to scoff him. When the competition began ,the rabbit was in the last position and he was depressed .

Her mother knew that her son was good .She said to him" what is matter , I don't want you to be so depressed . I know you deserve be in the first , you are the best of all .I want you if you want to be a respectable man you will be ,no matter who are your competitors "

The second day began and the competition also the rabbit began in last and then he said "what are they saying? .I must be the first .he collected himself and run as fast as he could .the 2nd competition finished with the rabbit in first rows of winners ,the authorities were astonished were not believing that "

The third day began and the competition also ,the shouter began to shout against him ,but he fill with great abandon and run fast as he could .He heard her mother said "if you want to be respectable you should be .H e run , run till he finished with first position.

If you want a respectable one you will be if you want.