the prince7


                                               The prince 7
   There are rabbit ,entered in army forces for rabbits .they would  face wolves forces. the wolves were strongest and  disloyal ,and they attacked every time as they became hungry and they wanted to eat any thing that carry meat or delicious food for them. They are most strongest and more movable and most hurry than the rabbits .every battle rabbits entered they got lost and had beaten.
They began to prepare their forces and there was a small rabbit in size but his brain
Let us see what he did?. He met the leader of the rabbit forces and said to him "I would like to enter the rabbit armed forces to be a soldier ."
The leader looked at him and said with small laughter vas he was
Quip" you are actually want to be a soldier .if I give you shooter who carry who ,I mean the shooter carry you or you carry the shooter ." and he laughed
The small rabbit said " but dear sir ,if the war can gain by the size ,the bulls deserved that ,but they have no brains and they are not in order way ,that mean they are in late position in think ,in war and in groups ,dear sir look to the bull groups who will be eaten from this bull?"
"What?" the leader of the rabbit said and he continued "this ugly  boy came to talk in speech. Do you hear like thi prof? so ,you will not enter a n armed forces !you must  be now dismissed"
The rabbit go away but he could stay near the battle
The battle began and he noticed the wolves used high mountain to attack the RABBIT AS THEY GOT DOWN IN HURRY
HE SAID "IF THE Rabbits can prevent the wolves from getting
This high but how ,now the  he with small rabbits carried dry branches and they got up they were disappeared between small green plants and they stayed, when the wolves got up they burned
The dry branches at once .the wolves shocked and tried to face the rabbits .the rabbits faced and threw themselves with fired branches at the eyes wolves who became simmer and ran .
The battle converted and the rabbit gained the battle was ended .the wolves run.