the prince4

                                               Obey your parents
Why do I obey my parents?
As they are older than me and there was a wise said" older than you
 in a day knows than you as a year" that means the experience gain by doing and experienced every thing in a life
*second as they love you than any one in this life and there was a say "no one dreams one better than him except the father "mother" dreams his son better than him"
That's right so they do their best to get you a good man ,that they proud with
There was a man who hates his son as his mother has separated and got divorce . he became very angry with him and gave him no money didn't buy to him any new clothes, didn't go with him in a trip and suddenly he was in internet and saw in some webs how animals be more merciful with their sons. He got up and went to the work .he found his friend " compatriot" absent as his son was died . he went to him to share im his pains .he found him very sad and had got great pain he tried to let him more hope or to gave a happy in life and that person suddenly said to him this is my son ,know my son ,my only and only love "
The father shocked ,know your son so he returned he dealt his son with good deal.
*3rd they do their best to get you a great appearance and look
There were a boy ,poor boy who hates  his life and there were his friend who was rich .they were completely as same in shape.they deal with each other to take one another the position of his friend as they were boring .in the first day the rich boy who lives in the position of a poor boy became happy as he found a lot of friends and he could play every where and he could sleep in any place of his new home but after days ,he found this life very boring to him as he slept with his brothes "new brothers in same bed ,he eat a little and could not buy what he loved and want .the oither boy who lived in rich boy became very happy for several days but he found this life is very boring as he could not play every time and could not go for a trip with hi friends the play the sleep in time and his parents don't care of him as they have their business ,so they met again and retuned to their natural position.
Obey your parents
There were old tale  said there was a rabbit who lives with his mother and she got him up for a breakfast .
When he saw it he said "every day Leaf lettuce  and carrot so he went out angry without eating .he walked a long time till he found a bird eating   contract  grains he saluted him and said" would you like to play with me?"
The bird looked at him and saluted him and said" no, I'm busy now .I am eating my breakfast ,come eat with me "
The rabbit looked at this breakfast and said "no ,no thanks . I can't eat this breakfast"
He walked again till he found an elephant who was eating leaves and green plants .he saluted him and said "Would you like to play with me ?"
The elephant said "hi ,I can't play now as I have my breakfast ,come and eat with me"
The rabbit thanked him and said "no ,no the breakfast is high and does not suitable for me.
He went again and found duck washing her daughters and sons .He saluted them and said "would you like to play with me ?"
The duck said "no I am busy and I wash my sons and daughters wait  till we finish "
He thanked them and he returned home at hurry as he felt hungry when he entered home he apologized to his mother and kissed her hands and ate breakfast
·        there was a rabbit and said to her son don't go away from home .he went out and saw a magic rabbit who played some amazing movement .he become very attractive to this rabbit as he saw new things ,he went after him till he be far ,far away from home .he forgot his mother's advice.he cried .the magic saw him and become very anxious to take this rabbit with him .he became nearest him and said "why are you crying ?"
the small rabbit said "as I followed you till I am lost !"
the magic become very happy and said come till morning  and I will return you to your mother"
when he entered the magic tied him and prevent from him food except some foods that makes him a life .till the small rabbit obey him and learnt some hard magic things and they went out to get money and show the public the magic plays
one day they went away till they became far and when they returned they met hungry wolves the wolves said "oh ! delicious eating we will make  a meal so we will take both of you "
the two rabbit became sad and worry but the magic said "take him as he is small feed him till becomes very fat and then eat him ,but for me I am old and I have no meat ,I am so thin."
But the wolves didn't care to this speech and entered in  quarrel  ,so the magic said to the rabbit run .they both run as they could ,but the wolves saw them they followed them and chased them .finally they caught them and took them to their home they but a small rabbit in a box and feed him and they went to eat the magic" the rabbit became very ad and know that her mother loved him very very strong .
At that time her mother was known by immigrate rabbits that her son was caught by hungry wolves .she went to her friends to get their hands to get her son free, they all became very fear and said "your son deserve what he got !"
So she decided to go alone .when his father heard he followed her wife a strong heart they entered the wolves home where they were slept except on who guard their son .they walked and crawl till they get near their son who was in terror and fear when he saw them he shouted "mother and father  .."but they said "sch sch…"
Unfortunately the guard noticed them so he called his friends they got up and the parents got their son free
The wolves very happy and one of them said "good good ,we will get a big meal we can but them in a cage till they invited their friends and we will have a great people of rabbit to make us very hungry.
The another said "no .We will eat them now "they got in quarrel .the small rabbit said to his parents "when I do this magic movement ,you must run from this hole and I follow you in hurry" he did his magic that wolves became blind for moments and the rabbit run .the small rabbit aid there were a magic who was prisoner! "
The father said "we must get him free "
But mother said "no, no we must hurry " but father said "come"
They entered another hole and get the magic free and they all run but suddenly the wolves were in front of them
The mother shouted "now you are happy why we must get this bad person free .he is the reason of our problems"
The magic said " I am .."
But the mother said "you are a criminal" and she shouted at faces wolves she said to the father "how can we get free ? "He said do you say this branches "if we can get near them and burned them we can disappeared"
The mother said to her son" Do your magic again "and said to a magic rabbit "do like my son do "
They both made the wolves blind for moments and the mother run to a jet of water towards the wolves who became very wet and watered so the father burnt the branches and they could disappeared. After the wolves went the parents caught the magic rabbit and gave him to police where he judged