Why do I explore these pictures?
The wedding the prince and princess are the important thing in that days?
For all people ,yes.
But in the truth is not important
Ya! The wedding is not important as I will say" you may be prince, for boys actually and  for girls princess", oh! .Did you remember the man who is poetry loved a prices .she was so pretty and he was so ugly. as he loved her so much he wanted to see her listen to her in any way .
coincidence, he knew that there was a  knight who loved her and he can do say a word so he asked for one who remind him with a beautiful words ,as the poet wrote the some poetry and wanted the knight to bless them .the knight couldn't so the poet went with him and disappeared in big green trucks the knight moved his mouth as mocking the princess . once the princess asked the knight to wait . she came down and looked to the knight and asked him to say a poetry in her poetry .the knight couldn't and the poet can't say a word .the knight told the princes the truth . she knew and he loved the poet. The question is how can be prince and process