the prince6

To be the prince achieve your aim

There were a boy who dream to be photographer for wild animals and natural so he asked his uncle to go with him in a trip of photo and know how is photo taken? . His uncle said the trip is difficult and the photo is dangerous and many photo men had been killed by either the hunter who considered they are announced their criminals hunt or by the authorities as they fear to be huntsmen or some of them are concerned in some criminals hunt.{ hunt was little and limited as the wild animals and jungles decrease and the most authorities of several countries prevent that} . but the boy insisted to go with him ,when they traveled ,it was very hard and uncomfortable ,but the aim decreased and troubles .they stayed in a hotel in a country of Africa .then one of the country's people came to take him. they drove land rover car .when they reached in a jungle which was between rivers and desert behind it. naturally there were animals for desert and animals for desert they both entered the desert with this strong man .then they saw a lion chasing the bear suddenly ,he ordered his boy to make the camera ready . When it became ready he took it and run after that chasing .he left his boy a lone .suddenly, he found himself a lone hearing some unnatural voices then he hear some howls .he became fear but he remember the advice of his teacher "don't be fear when there is fear "he became little stable but he found some wolves in front of him ,they obviously were hungry .so they run as he run .They were speeder than him ,as he saw a tree ,he climbed it and they did. he walked over branch of this tree then it became very little weak ,so he hanged over it by his hands the wolves surrounded him and try to fear him . he saw the nearest wolf standing over the branch looking down and licking his tongue ,he rolled himself up cutting a branch of wood and felt on the eye's wolf which was not expected this sudden movement ,it tried to get ride of this movement ,it failed and the boy hurt him directly in its eye .he get down with little howl which made the other gathered down the branch and when second wolf tried to get up .He broke another long branch ,when they saw this they were feared till his uncle and the man came as they hearing his help calling voice. when he was saved ,he decided not to toke wild photo till he followed the rules that saying "be man not boy have strong power, strong heart and follow the law of country they took the photo in".