The cat

    صور مضحكة صور فئران مضحكة
The cat was sick
Her friends were amazed
How would they do?
Her sick was still long
They do not know the reason
The rat was so sad
The dog was in bad 
They searched for a doctor
The monkey lived out
He got very old
But he must went
After he was prompted
He walked so slowly
He used a strong stick
To help him for walk
He moved so slowly
They met a kitty ran
Her face filled with tears
She said my cousin had dead
The monkey fell to land
The dog barked loud
The rat buried his head
All were cried
They lost their dearest
The monkey decided to return
The rat said he will returned him
The dog was so honest
He said came to see hers
Her face was so elegance
Her innocent was appeared
Her shines was observed
Her smart and ….he cried
He told between pains"
Please came with us
The rat said "be calm friend
She got dead"
The dog screamed "not"
If you do not
I will kill both of us"
The monkey moved wit a slow
S he was old as you may know
The dog cried "that is a walk
You must walk so fast"
He carried him and ran
The rat followed them
They reached her home
They entered in a slow
The tears covered them at all
The sad was above all
They ascended in slow, slow
They reached her room
The silent control the room
 They were all feared
The donkey moved in a slow
He lifted the carpet over her face
Her eyes were so opened
They all were cried
With amuse as that hapened