The cat 3

They went with desperate
They wanted a help
They asked the rabbit
Who was busy with carrots
When he tried to carry a lot
Some of them were down
He pulled his ears up
The dog said with astonished
"your ears will be the longest
And how can they be heard?"
The rabbit said at anger
"don't take in mind
Those made me troubles
When I carry them
Some of them were fallen"
The dog helped him
The rabbit felt good
He said "my brother your want?"
He said "your friend is ill
And we want you for a help"
The rabbit said "what?
Say and I will help"
The dog said "her doctor said
"She wanted a lion's hair
And also a wolf's hair"
The rabbit looked with fear
He said in shaky voice
And the horrible filed his face
"Oh! My friend
My children are still youth
And  they wanted some care
Can you wait till they sleep?
Or went out to play?"
He said "when does that occur?"
The rabbit said "I don't know
But please go
And when they sleep
I will call you"
The dog went sad
He knew as the rat
The rabbit wouldn't help
They went to the cow
Tell her the same story
She said with fear
"I am so busy
I will get milk
That will be in a way
Butter and some cream
So if you wait
I may be call at"
They said "that's o.k."
They went to the bird
They asked for a help
The bird answered at once
With he would give his hand
But when he knew the mission
He felt lack in motion
He said "my wings
Can't be moved"
They thanked and decided
To do it themselves
As your back will not be rubbed
Only by you nails if you want