The cat 4

They were very sad
Who helped to do that?
Every one was asked
Accepted then refused
How could it be achieved
The dog bowed his head
He cried was at silent
But his tears was a lot
The mouse stood beside a wall
His manner was bad at all
They met and embraced
The rat said" all were coward
We will do it
And we will succeed"
The dog said "how? It is difficult
We should face the king
And the most harmful
How does it succeed?"
Rat said" by putting your trust
Only at your god
Depending at yourself
Planning with good and safe
You will achieve your want"
The dog looked at sky
He said with new look" that is o.k.
We will achieve every god
We will pray to our God
To achieve our purpose
It will be succeeded
I will be succeeded"
When the light born
Like a small baby tries to walk
It grows so slow
They get up early to do
Their mission that was difficult
They prayed to their God
Their feelings were so strong
They prepared and went
They went to lions' part
They saw him awaked
They moved slowly
They moved against the wind
Not to be remarked
Not to be smelt
They could not be moved
They felt with fear
If they were be discovered
They will be converted
Into small parts
And be changed to feed
The lions' small babies
They still insisted
In spite of their fear
In spite of their hearts pumps
Those were heard for all
The wind showed that
It whispered into ears
"Why do you do that?"
The rat was afraid
He couldn't run or jump
The wind asked again
"Why do you do that?"
The dog was filled of fear
He tried to hide
The wind said again
The dog shouted aloud
The rat ran and put his hand
On the dog's mouth
And said "you will make us appear"
The wind whispered again
The rat said "who is there?"
The wind said
"I am the strongest
I am the wind
And I amazed why you are there?
The dog said with shacked sound
"we want to help our friend
He is so ill
And we waned a hair of lion's mustache"