The cat 2

The cat2
They hurried to the doctor
He said "she needs some thing to cur
One thing the hair of lion's face"
They were amazed and said
He said "let me complete
Or I would let"
They said "no, no complete"
He said "and the wolf's hair"
They were astonished
And how they could gain these
They asked the doctor to another
He didn't answer
They put a plan
"How can they gain?"
They asked to watch
They asked to teach
How did they act?"
They hide at the forest
They watched the lion
They waited, waited
The day passed speed
The following day came
They went to the duck
"Would you help us
To get my cat cured
After she got ill
Her illness was worse
And she needs you help"
The duck said
"How can I do that?
I save her wit my self
Say and tell at once!"
The rat said "she got ill
She must be given
A hair of lion
And hair of wolf
And it will be given
To doctor to be prepared
Her medicine to be cured"
The duck said" the lion
The wolf
At the same
It will be danger
Than take in
 A danger war
I am sorry
I can't help"