The cat, the dog, the rat

The cat walked
She looked around
She noticed no one
The empty was the world
She found finally the garbage
A box of rubbish
She screamed my treasure
She jumped up
She entered it
She found a bag of meat
She carried it by mouth
She tried to jump up
The bag fell down
She tried to be up
She finally succeed
Her noise walked up a dog
Who slept near that,
He walked very speed
He barked very loud
The cat jumped down
With the bag it her mouth
He looked very bad
Who can steal the food?
He barked at loud
The cat took the position
Of defend and took attention
His tail became big
And stood with large
Her teeth appeared
Her sound was coarse
They looked with worse
They attacked each other
The rat was passed by
He walked very slowly
He took the bag at hurry
They saw him
They ran after him
The fox saw them
He took the bag at speed
He entered at his home
The home was a hole
The cat, the dog, the rat struggled
Each one cursed the other
The cat was wild
She said with good mind
To return our bag
We must be cooperate
We must put a plan
The rat will enter the hole
We tied it hard
When he entered it
The fox was avid
He wanted eat
He caught its tail
The rat screamed loud
They dragged at speed
The fox chased at speed
The cat caught his hand
The dog dragged with fast
When he saw all
He ran very fast
The rat got the food
And he went out
The divided the food
The cooperate is good
The war is the worst