the thief 21

The method
The thief said" now tell me your kinds"
The old said" we are only three
The blue , the black and the red
The red are strong  but they are the weakest
So they live near the mankind
They interrupt eyes, interrupt hear
It can cause disease and pain
All body can get sick or pain
The second was the black 
They are  stronger in act
Than the red and move easier
They can cause sick for human body
But they hurt are stronger and danger
They live in a desert out of occupied
They can fly to reach the sky
The third are the blue color
They cause danger at all things
They can act more than pain
They can hurt the heart
Easily without any effort
They can fly and move high
Easy ,easy as they can dive
They can get a conscription to the other
Jinn who are less in force and power
The end of that is more important
No one can cause the hurt
Except he lets his protect
As the man do bad and the worst
He does not obey his God
He does not pray or thank
Him for his blessing
The jinn are all neglect
Beside the power of the God
The thief said "oh!" with sighed
"So you can tell me the kind
Of  the jinn that I actually faced"
The thief filled of fear as he heard
The wise said" Where is he?"
The thief said "he is the guard of the mount
Where the witch has lived and occupied"
The old said" oh!, oh, no
Do you know
The both are dangerous
The both cause serious
Of pain to all presents
The stones ,the sand and the clouds
The earth, the sky even the birds
 The planets, the rains and the winds
They can get at least black sight
Or bad dream or they can't get rest
He is from the black jinn
They are in quarreled with the other
Blue jinn to govern the other
Of jinn life and their world
So, I argue you to do that one
Important  decision of the return
To your home safe and alive
 If you promise or give a word
I will make you another person
No one can know you?
As he sees he can't recognize
And you will get that prize
Of life that is given to the creatures
The thief said
" but can you run from your conscious?
When you hear the person who in a statues
Of hope is built with his dream and patience
And hope that I will return with success
He lives his rest life with expectancy
Can you appreciate his sense
Can you imagine his face
Can his temper can bear that restless
Of as dizziness as giddiness
No, no I will complete that mission
Even I have killed or get death
The old said" oh!, oh ! my youth!
Who can carryall this faith
The world has still a space
Of fair life and a good sense
You return the hope of myself
 You make me look with a sense  
That the life is still appreciate
To live and be happy of fate
That makes us born in that age
But you can return again
And tell the person with faith
And I will send a true witness
Who will say the right and truth
The thief said "no, I will complete my role
Without any return or escape
So give me a wise
Or tell me an advice
Or light tale for my span
The old smiled and said"
Come her my boy
Come to show you my respect
You as you appear in that age
Which bad things are changed
At worst ,and the good disappeared