the thief 17

The insist
The thief said "yes with all my heart
Can you lead me or show the road
That I must go and walk
To meet that danger king
,Face him and know the method
I will do as I could
As I knew the fate
Had wrote its word
No thing can't be changed"
The jinn said" in spite of my fair
And you have brave spirit
I will show the road
But my advice to you first
Don't be hurry
Don't talk loudly
See where you are accurately"
The man walked directly
He met a strong storm suddenly
It made him circled around
He swirled in a big circle
Till he lost his temper
The time is passed quickly
As it is stayed stationary
He didn't remember accurately
As his eyes were wide opened
He collected his thought
He tried to give up in a second
But the storm blow again
He was showed all colors
He tried to fall down
To get ride of that .blow
Then the storm blow again
The swirl was very danger
It circled around him
He put his head on the land
Covered it with the hand
He tried to make the hear prohibit
The storm sound was decreased
Slowly ,slowly, it was vanished
He left his head up
He found one appeared on his left
On his right, back on his front
He became stunt and then a giant
He circled around
He stood on his legs
Then he stood on his head
The thief looked in a strange
He didn't feel with courage
Then he thought he is an acrobat
He burst of laughing that
Made him fall on his back
And that stopped and looked
With anger and hate gazed
He said in a sound that was loud
"Do you mock of  my walk?"
The thief said
"No ,but you are a funny look
 You are a good taken
A heart under the bones
As you do a rapid things"
The jinn stopped and opened
His eyes thinking for a moment
Then he laughed very loud
That made the winds blew up
That made the thief's clothes flew up
He might be nearly naked
The jinn got stunt for a second
He said with a kind sound
"I said you are the first that
That he didn't see me awful
Now ,I can make good friendship
I can get marry with a relationship
I am not horrible
I do not responsible
For that may be awful
Now I got a friend
That I will do his demand
Tell me what you want?
I will act in a moment"
The thief swallowed his spittle
He walked around and said
There is only one demand