the thief 18

The gift
"What is that my friend?" he said
"Ask me to give my spirit"
The swirl jinn continued
"I will give it without sad"
The thief said "then! show me in short
The straight and direct road
To meet the jinn's king"
The swirl jinn said" what ?!
Repeat that demand!"
"If you ask me to give you a worth
I will make you the richest
No one can count your gold
If you ask me to be an elegance
I will make you the smartest
And no one has not your attract
As you are the most intelligent
If you ask me to build a palace
That is between the sky and the earth
I will build it with expensive worth
And no one can have or dream in fact
If you want to be the king
In his rank and strong
I will make your body is the fittest
And you have army with its newest
Weapons that can't be beaten till the last
Day to achieve your worthy want
Do you believe I will make that desert
Green and has more planets,
Give you many farmers to harvest
If you want to make the air has scent
And spreads happy and get a feast
In all days you will get that
But your demand Is not good
If you ask me another demand
Ask me to make  you fly
Fly ,fly to the upper sky
Reaching upper and high
If you want to dive down
Into oceans and seas
You will have it
If you ask me to dig the earth
To get what is buried and equals
High value and can  worth
I will make you get your demand
The thief said" dear faith!
Look to the earth
If I tell you I can convert it
To be green and get a gold
If I told you can be rich
And every one want to reach
To talk and ask a wish
But I gave one promise
To cure and return a health
So, I can't do ,that is false
Do you believe in hope
That you can stand again
Dance ,walk and sustain
At your legs argues more
Do you believe you had a compete
For long run and you compete
That is not important to win
Do you evaluate a pray in a stand
Long, long and cry to God
To give his mercy and help
Then you found your hope is gone
Can you bear this shock
I promised and I can't let down
The swirl jinn said" in spite of what?"
The thief said "in spite of marry!"
The swirl jinn said" and if you don't marry!"
And in spite of your reward
You may be punished
Did bear that vise finish?
The thief said "do you believe in God?!"
"he gives every one his want
Do you believe in love?
That makes the world good enough
Do you believe in hope
That makes one get his want
By struggling ,bearing all hard
Things to get  his far demand
Even it is difficult or out look
I will do it as she is
The sun in giving the warm
The sun in giving the calm
And when it shines, there is a hope
To live and do more wants
The swirl jinn said" if you insist
I will show you the road
But ask me a gift
The thief said "if it is your want
Give me what I want!"