the thief 16

Good bye
The jinn smiled at them
He looked with great happy
He said" imagine you are the only one
Who beat me and get his want
He made me very worry
From the bad I will be punished
You make me feel with a challenge
My life has new face and new age
I looked like one who get an average
Limit between life and death ,envisage
Can we be friends for future age?
Can we be friends for ever?
I will be faith for ever
We will be meet more again"
The thief said" yes, yes my friend
But I want to stop for a while
To return our lost breath
And sets our upsets faces
And go to reply the natural callings
The fear filled our hearts
So we can't control our tempers
The jinn said "yes ,yes friends"
He carried them in a hand
And put them into a land
The boss said to his friend
"I will not stay
I will go away
Without late, without wait
I met the death that day
Not one or two but thousands
So, I can't bear or stand
Bye friend bye
The thief said "you are right
As you don't see her
You are right
As you don't see her
As she looked with fear
But I am your friend
Who you gave me a hand
To help me get his demand
The boss said "if it is possible
Without death or danger
I will do it with eager
To get my friend happier
Now let me get travel
And say to you a letter
"God bless you for ever""
The thief and the boss embraced
Their eyes were all filled
They both go to his road
The thief met the jinn again
He said
"I want to get my demand
And have my princess cured
Can you help me to reach
That work and have witch dismissed
The jinn said "that is impossible wish
To enter that strong fort
You will met difficult impediment
And you may get dead or lost
I advice you to return
You must return in hurry
And if you love her ,marry her
Pray to your god to cure her
May he answered and cured her
 Now return my boy
Take the road with that guy
I am afraid you will vanish
I will lost my brave one
To make me ask and take
Every one ,every passing or walk
The thief said" that is written by fate
You do your work
And you have good luck
You will succeed ,
And will be remarked
You be at the top
You will be obeyed
Your opinion will be judgment
I promise
To pray to the god
To give me the luck
The deserve against my work
I must have a faith
If a man said a word
It can't be changed
Till the lost of his blood
And I gave a word"
The jinn said" is that accurate
That tale I heard
There are some guys
Who still do their word
The world is still good
The bad will be end
If you insisted ,
You must meet the king"
The thief said" can you describe him?"
The jinn said "the king is the strongest
He is the hugest
Than any describe
His sound is higher thousands
Than any heard sounds
If a thunder collected in one act
His laughter is higher in act
It may fall that mount
And smashed it to sand
His eyes are wide and opened
He can't close for a second
To get that fort over a want
His eyes opened vertically
His eyes' balls are bigger
You can see yourself bigger
Twice than your normal
Can you face that danger?