the thief 19

The swirl
The swirl jinn said" yes, yes ask me your want"
The thief said" not much ,not lot
"But if you could
Give me that force
Of the swirl upon the earth"
The swirl jinn said" that's only a demand
That is easy I gave it
You can see that word
"saha ,maha  and hond"
You will get your want
To swirl from down to upward"
The thief said "saha,maha and hond"
He suddenly swirled upward
He screamed of that act
He cried at loud"
I want that stop
I can't it stop
The swirl jinn said"
The man is created with hurried
Be patient learn till the last"
The thief said "please stop it first
Then tell me the advice that will be heard"
The swirl jinn laughed very loud
The thief said "oh! He forgot my demand"
The swirl jinn said" oh ,forgive ,I forgot
When you want to stop
Say in the name of God"
The thief said "but if I want….."
But the swirl jinn laughed
I don't say all mankind
Were created  with hurried
That can notice and remark
When you want to get
It slowly as you want
Say God! slow it in fast"
If you don't gather your thought
That say can't be act
And the swirl go to the last
Without weak or end "
The thief said "that is good"
He continued" I must go
And begin my walk
As I want"
The swirl jinn said "hurry that is not good
First you must may meet
The wise who may dictate
Your some useful prudence
He is an old, he is always sad
His head is often bowed
The time left its lines on his face
On a day ,two, three or fourth
When you want to meet
You must give him a present
If you couldn't
It is not important
But you must have smile
When you look
Don't be sad
Don't have that temper
Makes you look bade
Try to say a word for commend
Don't criticize his word
As he is an old
You will go and knock
His door knock!, knock! And knock
Only three knock and walk
Aside till he opens the front door
If  he does not wait
 Till he is out for a walk
Follow him and till your want
That you want to meet that king
What is the prudence word
You want to learn me for that?
If he does not answer ,wait
Till he in the next time gets out
Follow him and tell your want
If he does not answer wait
Till in the next morning knock
The door three knocks and wait
Till the door is opened ,get
If he does not ,wait him for a walk
At last, he will answer in a weak
Remind his word and remark
Remind it in your mind
Do as you are be told