Change of the earth

There are a village near a river. The population of it were little and it depends on cultivated lands which are in the east of the river but in the other side there were Pastures for their ships and cows if some of them have the ships and the cows . there was a small school where children can get the primary learning and secondary ,but to get high school or technical study you must travel or go to the town near this village .In this school there was a children of rich man . he transported to this village as the physician ordered him to change his life and go to in a place where he can get his peace and rest .the children of this gorge Emmanuel who has got degree high than he deserves, but the authority of his father make him appear as intelligent boy. There is another child it was a daughter of the sheriff .as the teachers were angry of him they try to make the way of his daughter difficult , but she is impatient and worked hard and she got high marks against the will of her teachers. she was called" Sarah Sampson" . there was a boy of woman who takes care him and his brothers as his father leaved them and traveled away . so she works all day time to get the money that is important for her and her family. The boy was called "tom kokum" and there is another boy who is thee boy of the farmer who had great land and considered as reach person in this town. It is called "max Perry", all homes were away from the river except some old houses that were built on the shore of the river. They were also for some reach family who dies or transported away. The authority of the village had decided to let this homes as they were as it expected this will be as tourists places it decided also to prevent the build over or near the shore of the river to let all people amuse with its beauty. The authority decided also put lamps with light lights to be suitable for places. It ordered all shops to close at 11p.m. So all town slept at 12 p.m.

The river moves almost directly except near the end of it ,he moves in sharply curve . there as a house in this land where the river pass by it in two sides . it is the only house placed ands the river surrounded it by two sides. The old persons told all people not try to enter it as it had a big mystery. the different stories was told but the truth is still in absent.

One day Sarah said to tom as he is an intelligent boy "why could we enter this home?

Tom said "my mother ordered me not to enter that house"

Sarah said "why?"

Tom answered "as she fear from entering"

Sarah said "from?"

Tom answered "from what?"

Sarah said "from ghosts that appears in huge and frightened shapes ,it can move by you right then come in the left side. It can move on the ceiling ,it can fly till the sky ands go to all far points ,you can't imagine ,so you must not entered that damned house"

Tom said "you imagine that I'm coward"

Sarah said "that's no matter ,but I'll enter that house after school day if you will come with me"

Tom said "but …."

She interrupted him "but I am not telling my mother , so wait for me to go and told my mother till she telephoned my father who will punish me and all decision comes to floor "

Sarah left him and completed the school day.

When it is finished she waited till no foot near her and she moved straightly to the home ,but there was a person follow her.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo