Tom entered the house

Tom followed Sarah but as she was in hurry ,he couldn't catch her. When he entered the gate of the house ,he found there was an old garden. His tree was tall and most of them hadn't any leaves ,and their trunks were very big and enormous than any tree, he had ever seen, except one he noticed its leaves were green and it was taken care., he walked through the passing road he was long as the garden was big .as he was looked up to see the branches ,he trapped with old branches and fall to the earth. His face was to the earth, he got up at once and continued his walk with a great fear. When he reached the stairs that made of marble .they were old and most of them were eroded. He got up the stairs and reached to the door of the home, he found its metal's handle was polished like it was used recently. He opened the door with a great fear ,the door opened without any voice or noise .it means that it is lubricated used recently .he filled with fear if he could return ,he will let her feet to run as he could , but she is her friend and he must save her.

He opened the door ,it opened easily without any lock. He walk through the passing area .the light was little , so he turned on his light battery .till he reached the on/off power ..he turned on ,the light was on then it went off suddenly, so he returned to it and turned it on again and walked a little ,it turned off again . he run to the electricity key and turned on again. The light turned on and the lamp of Najaf was brightened the it lighted a little .then it turned off . he walked a little till he reached the statues of lion . He saw it stood and moved a little . He run the door but the lion run after him . It could reach and catch him but ,it stood suddenly. Then he saw the carpet flied on the air ,she flied over him, he stood motionless and his hurt pumped like a drum or the drum of war .he can see it move in his chest in violence .Then he heard a hard and high voice "tom" what are you doing here?

Then he found the lamp group "najaf" moved right and left then it moved in circle around its point .He saw the carpet flied again and some shapes moves in the ceiling ,some persons animals and

He run but the lion came and stood in front of him. He will cry he will pee on himself the carpet was down and the lion retuned to its position, and he saw a big person comes towards him slowly , slowly so he run but he heard a voice