change of the earth "Tom had a secret of world center"

The all jennies said "that awful creature, that is a man of terrorist, he is considered a man of crime . since he is gotten, he is responsible for blood flooding on the earth. That earth refuse in the earliest time then it was ordered to take this blood in its abdomen.

The most dangerous crime appears when this creature appears"

"That is not our problem .didn't you know who am I?

the all Jennies said in one voice strong and loud

"you are our king ,You will lead us to big victory .we dream the day we will change that damned earth. Live our lord for ever"

the king looks to tom with fire eyes and said" now you know who am I?" can you tell about yourself please"

suddenly he continued his speech and said "yes , you are tom

kokum. Your father had left you sand you family since you had 3 years"

the boy said " it isn't of your business"

the king said " now the Jewish had built this pyramids"

Tom said "they are not the Jews"

The Jennie king said "but you have not any idea to prove that old Egyptian had built this pyramids ."

Another big Jennie in the hall setting and he said "the Atlantic people who built this pyramids"

Tom said "who?""

The Jennie said" the people of Atlantic"

Tom said "no ,they had gone their and give Egyptian the secret of their civilization"

The big Jennie said" no, no , you must look to their grand sons ,how they are looking ,"undevelopment and have no recent science . they are not considered"

Tom said in sad voice "you may be right ,so your prove must be right "

The big Jennie continued" so you lead us tothe center world ,to establish our new world, we will destroy the all enemy ,we 'll have the world
tom said "if I refused!"