the facing

As my baby was late we decided to go there to save her .when  we reached the woman home we found her was waking and caught a big cloth so we divided our selves to groups flying around her with announcing our whir in her ears. As we found her, go with angry to bring the spread killer. So we flight higher than the cloth was made and flight upon the clothes till we were on the bed. We search everywhere .but we did not find her .I'd remembered   the last talk of my baby that she was disappeared, she hide beside the baby's head on the pillow, when we tried to wake up her, But she couldn't. As the woman saw us passing over cloth, she brought a killer spread to spread over us. But we mocked her we flight towards he face .she couldn't spread the killer spread as it would fall on her baby. When we saw her baby as we searched for  a baby , we excuse her as the baby was a blood ,you can see his blood under his skin. We found her and tried to wake her up but she did not, so we carried her and I looked at her eyes .We made a deal that my daughter and we didn't return and the woman will not kill us.