change of the earth " Sarah and tom were prisoner

                                                              Sarah and tom were prisoner

Tom wanted to run but here feet were paralyzed. He wanted to fly but he could . He hardly gazed to the person came, oh! Ooh!.

The person might someone he knew .He ,no she , she is Sarah "her friend .So he run towards her and both were cuddle .

He cried she tried to stop him, he could not stop easily. He stopped from crying.

He asked her" did you see what had happened last minute?"

She said "what hid happened ?

He answered her "This lion was moving ,this…"

She interrupted him with a great love

He said "do you know something? Who waned me frightened?"

She said "didn't you notice something?"

"you must know who did that . say it to me say it ,please" he interrupted

She said "guess ! "

He thought someone in his mind and begin to talk , but she

Said "did you want to know who did that magic things?"

He said "yes , yes please "

She said "I will tell you .he is "I am "

I made the lion flight and so the carpet and this ugly collection lamps "

"you are magic" Tom said.

"No, no ,I'll tell you "Sarah said .

"Sarah , Sarah" a whispered voice.

Then "Sarah" the call was in a strong voice that they thought the wall of the home would fall.

Sarah said" run ,run and hurry!"

Tom said "why?. Didn't say you did all previous magic?"

Sarah said" yes!. But this voice ,I didn't know about it nothing"

They run with all their forces ,withal their effort of their hearts.

They got up the stairs to upper floor then Sarah said" hush"

"we shall move in slow and silent "she continued.

"why? Tom said in a loud voice.

Sarah said "low your voice !". "to know in what that thing think?"

Tom and Sarah moved slowly till they found a door was opened .they entered it .they found they entered like a balcony . they found great and lot creatures were their.

Tom said in low voice "who are they?"

Sarah said "let us hear"

The big one who stood in a stage before a small desk said "we are her to establish the rules to make us the front nation of all nations of jennies' nations "

Tom said "whop are they?

Sarah said "what? Didn't hear ?.They are jennies."

She said in low voice.

The big creature said again" we are the green jennies . we were weak than the red Jennie . by the previous plan we can beat them!"

"Now , any question?" he continued.

Tom asked Sarah in low voice "hat they are doing?"

Sarah said "they are in commitment"

Tom said "what ?"

Sarah said "meeting !"

Tom said "what ?"

Sarah said "an appointment !"

Tom said "oh .Thanks, but what are they doing ?"

Sarah said "silent tom!"

The big creature said "as the Jewish built the pyramids of Egypt . then we will destroy them "

Tom in a high voice "no, no"

The big Jennie said "who are there?"

"get who spoke and arrest him" He ordered .So they arrested Sarah and Tom.

He said "I say the Jewish has built the pyramids in Egypt .are you agree?"

The all Jennie said "yes!" in one voice.

Who can opinion me?""

The big Jennie said.

The boy stood and said "I am "

The all Jennies said in high and one voice "oh! Awful creature"

The big one said "who can build the pyramids in your opinion?"

Tom said "the old Egyptian"