change the earth"the Jennie king says"

The Jennie said "the old Egyptian do a lot things to their civilization but they can't build these pyramids"

Tom said "no ,they had built these pyramids. They had not built it occasionally but by great study of the earth ,stars ,weather and the sun. did you know they rebuilt the pyramids in three times that were suitable time and weather. they rebuilt it in three times to let the light of the north pole star .it was out of the hole of big pyramids by 5 degree ".

The big Jennie said" no ,no. any one can build it .the Jews or the Atlantic people "

Tom said" no ,no the old Egyptian do and built it"

The big Jennie said " the Jews had built it .Who can opinion me "

The big Jennie said" as you know the secret of the world ,you will go and bring it to me , oh my people ,you must now celebrate .How many did people dream with that point ,with that moment. The day we make our nation over all nation over all nations"

Tom said "by the way how many nation are you?"

The big Jennie said "oh !stupid boy ,we are several nations ,but the most important nations are three ,the red ,the blue and the green"

Tom said" you want me to lead you the point of the secret of the world"

The king of Jennies said" yes"

Tom said "but if I refuse ?"

The king of Jennie said" what?"

He looked to the jennies said"

The boy challenges me

can you imagine one say no

for who for who ? for me

that's awful that's danger

the Jennies said:" he mustn't know you?

Forgive him, forgive what he says"

The king of Jennies said" I can make him fly

Like an insect ,or a fly

I can make him swimming in a depth of the ocean or seas

Feeling with fear sense

I can make him walk on his abdomen or his face

I can make him cry without any thing

I can make him felt with trouble heart

His heart moves hurt

His eyes become red

He will be as a dead

He would forget what he wants and what he dreams

I can say the treasure in the earth

Beyond any layer in any depth

If he didn't do what I want

He'll buried there in the farest