the plant

I am the plant

I am the plant

One of the God who created

I am very useful

To all creatures

I give them the food they need

I give them the sweet they taste

I give them the shadows which cover

I give them the clothes that wear

I give them the wood ,they want

To build their houses and make furniture

They used it in warm when the cold is there

They can be cured by using my parts

I am not harmful I am useful

I am friend to all, I am been lovely

I am consists of three parts

They are important and can't be neglected

The root ,the trunk , the branches and leaves

Every part is important for me to live

Every part is important for me to be safe

They get glue from my parts

They gain money by trading corps

They used me to warm themselves

They get from me color and clothes

I make them very happy and riches

Imagine if I am not alive

The life goes bad and ugly