A deal with a woman

                                     the doing again
  When Tara returned I caught hr and hurt her till my neighbors came and prevented me from containing hurt her .I asked her "where were you ?
She said "there beside a small baby"
I said "why? I didn't order you not to go there, you wanted to be killed, if you wanted so ,I would do it now" and I got up to hurt her ,but my neighbor prevented me again
I said" the weather there is very dangerous."
She said "mama, there is a lot of welfare"
I said with interesting "welfare and you will be killed. That's forbidden"
She said "but mama, there a lot of blood, you can even swim there "my neighbors smile and one said "but you made your mother wake up every night and sleep late. You know we must sleep early to go to our work early"
"Yes" she said.
"But, I didn't' bear seeing this beauty. Fat boy and blood that wanted to get out of the nervous, I sucked it till my stomach filled with it .I can't even open my eyes so I slept beside her head on the pillow. I disappeared between the pillow and the bed till the woman gets tired and stopped waving her hands with strong clothes to kill every harmful flying"
I said with order and strong voice "do not go there again"
She promised me and we went sleep .on the next day, we got up early and went out for work and I remind her not to go to the baby's house"
The night came soon and we all return except her .the time was late than previous days, so we all mosquitoes .gathered our selves and went there.
We found our selves in face of the woman who was angry, so we hurried in groups to search for hear but she was very angry she wanted to kill us, so she brought the kill spread bottle to kill us . I ordered them to hide with a baby we flied high over the clothes that surrounded the bed, but unfortunately the woman came in hurry and lifted the clothes to kill us . we divided our selves in groups and we decided to attack her in groups. she lifted the spread bottle to kill us , "