When I was crying after the dark had fallen, Tara entered and she was singing. As I lost my hope of her return and when I saw her ,I became very angry and very happy .I want to teach her  a rule so I caught her from her feeler and hurt her with my legs she cried and said " why you hurt me?"
  As my neighbor got up and prevent Tara of my hurt, I said "as you went and return late "
She said "oh! My mother ,if you see what I saw ,you can't leave it , I saw a fat boy , I came nearer ,nearest so I can't smell his blood .I sucked, sucked till my stomach is filled and I can lift my eyelid ,so I slept beside him bolster. When I got up I found a carpet around the baby's bed, I flied till I found a small hole that I can flythrough it .I came back
I slept and I feel as I was in paradise, I was swimming in river of blood .oh that's pleasure .but mama forgive me please ,please."
I will forgive you if you do what I demand" I said in strong voice