Return from the baby
My daughter asked me between her tears and "what do you want from me?"
"one only question ,not go to that home."
"But mama the boy is fat and there no dangerous for me" said Tara
"no dangerous ,all the things you had told are not dangerous ,from the woman that had spread the killing destructive and his waving with this big clothes that may killed you if it touch you ,no ,no .you must understand  you are my only daughter and I love you .I will not let you to expose your self  to any killing or dangerous things .please do not go there accepted?" I said to Tara
"But mama ,I want"
"No no way ",I interrupted her speech
She went sleep and on the morning we got up and went to our works
The day was over and my daughter didn't return
I stayed with my neighbors in sad mood and she returned with happy and sang . I got up and hurt her .my neighbor lady prevent me
So I asked her "where were you?"