THAT WAS NOT THE FIRST TIMETO MAKE ADEAL WITH  a human body. But what is happened?
And who I am?
I am nara mother of Tara. We are    mosquitoes. We grow up in cultivated land. There is a lot of water .so we are here and we grew than one imagines. My daughter when she was a baby .she played here where the plants and the water
Oh! Yes.
My daughter is small and can't stop on running water .Our important thing is stand water. the water that does not run. What has happened?
Nothing as we go to our works .
Oh yes I forget my daughter also get to work as if she wanted eat .the mosquitoes eat every thing but the delicious thing is blood . We suck the human blood as delicious .we entered the houses near our land and home .after eating we return to home. We don't waste our time .we search for human body .body but we didn't like all human body.