The brave bee

Save the queen
He said in astonishment "what?"" I can't do that .It is a great dishonesty!!"
Mierra said" and killing the small bee, and the bee and the queen, destroying the kingdom, spreading all bad things. are they not dishonesty?"
He said " we obey the law of nature. The duration is for the strongest"
"Yes "she replied .she shot a fire on him .It passed by his head .she said " it is mean tha imust kill you as I am now the strongest and you are the weakness. Now, if you didn't tell me where is the leader of this swarm of this planes I will shot on you and you may know that I am very weak in specify the aim of shot . and that mean the shot may go on the air or in your head or in your wings .won't to know my shot?"
She fired again to him .The shot passed against his Horn. He failed it he shouted "I'll tell you, I'll tell you"
He pointed to the lanes of his leader. She ordered the pilot to became more nearer. The pilot "no, no it is forbidden"
"I ordered you to became nearest as you can" mierra said
Tierra asked her "what will we do?"
Meirra said in her ears" we'll jump on plane and prison him till he specify the prison of queen"
What ? .Is it possible?"
The plane soon became nearest the leer's plane . Mierra ordered the pilot to open the door . the four shouted and counted" as the past ,we are the last the do the best, We are the most , power and the best" , then they counted" one, two three "
They all jumped upon the leader's plane the three caught it by their nails but Fierra failed and she fly with strong winds that taking to the engine of next plane .
Sierra cried and called her friend " Fierra ,Fierra"