The brave bee

There was a bee .She lived with her friends and sisters. The bees' kingdom was consists of the guards who guard the kingdom, the laborers who worked in the kingdom. They worked in groups group for conditioning the queen room ,the others for cleaning the kingdom ,some for discovering the places of the roses where they can get the drink that they made it honey in their abdomens others for taking care of the eggs that the queen lay. The all bees were lived in peace and in weal. The enemies were searching in every places to get their food . The bees have several enemies but the most important and dangerous are the wasps . they cut off their heads and suck the honey from their abdomen. the bees' kingdom must be wide in her eyes . the guards didn't sleep all day. But the wasp planned for their attack . they attack the bees' kingdom with all weapons with their had ,With airplanes, with guns, tanks ,pumps, cannons and rockets. The castles ,the bastion didn't bear the attack , so they immediately fall. The wasps take the bees 'queen as a slave . they arrested some of bees' servants as slaves . the salves were younger and older. There were four bees .The name of them were "teira, Seira, Meira and Fiera"
The all of slave were very afraid so that they knew that the wasps wiil kill them immediately or late. Miera was most brave than them .So she said " We must get ride of this prison and save our queen and the eggs"
Siera said " the prison is airplane and it is over the clouds and there was army airplanes around our plane if we can escape of this prison the arm plan will destroy us or they killed us"
Miera said "but when can we get out of this plane and save our the queen we will be heroes"
Tiera said" and when they catch us , they will killed us at once"
Miera loved " and what will you be after while?"
Fiera said" we are being killed!"
Miera said" die as a hero is best than die without any thing"
Sierra said" but how can escape you must all of you have a dream"
Miera faced her said "if we do attempt can you silent and don't make no movement, you must stay silent, please"
Sierra said " I'll stay with no movement"
Miera said" now we must do a plane .1ST can we do a way to run"
"I s we must do a hole in this plane . I see some rubber in this plane' body"
" Can we make this hole in this rubber"
"how " the rest of them said ." I'll do it " continued
She went to the wall of the plane .she did her best she used teeth to cut the rubber
She fail first ,second but she didn't lost her hope. She do her best again till she can made a small hole now the hole became bigger. The plane lost it balance.
The pilot ordered some of his men go to discover what happened"