The brave bee

The bees shouted threw your weapons out. The wasps hesitated first ,second they threw them after hearing a shot. Fierra collect the weapons .now every bee had a weapon and they had a lot. Mierra said " what will we do with this enemy?"
Tierra said "We collect them and burned all of them "
Mierra said "if we do that , the wasp may get them and get them free and arrested us and they will be an en element heavy load."
Tierra said "I suggest we collect them and exchange with our captives."
Mierra said " the wasps get us and arrested us"
Fierra said" we must threw out of airplane. "
Mierra said " That is .That is! That is!"
The wasps got fear . They put off the bees, but the bees didn't pay attention to them.
Mierra said " open the door f the plane"
The pilot said in astonishment " what"
Mierra said " Open the door !, every one get near the door , and threw himself"
They said " ha"
Mierra shot the fire on air and ordered loudly " every one get close to the door and threw himself"
When the leader became near the door , he said in low voice " if I throw my self when I'm over the clouds ,my body will cut in pieces"
Mierra said" It isn't my problem"
The leader said "let me , may I be useful for you"
Mierra said "useful for me , what your opinions"
All of presents deal that he may be useful.
Mierra said that if you want to live point to the pilot of the leader"