The brave bee

Save the queen
"How is it happened? Is she die? I killed he I killed her" Mierraa said . Tierra looked to her with sympathy and said " no, no , you are not killing her you made her a hero . You make us all of us hero. Now we can faced our enemy that we imagined in previous days he was strongest than we can not beat him . now we made him as in his natural . he is a coward."
Sierra said " I don't want to die. I don't want to die " she cried loudly
Mierraa said with weeping her eyes with her wings " yes I will save you and get you away from this battle . I'll face the enemy alone." " first you must keep catching this plane with yours legs as strong as you can."
Tierra said " no , no I will with you till we get our queen free and free our land . yes I will live as a hero and die as hero , to please God"
Mierraa said " it is good sensitive from you . but I want get no one get annoy from me"
"What" Tierra said "who gets annoy from you" she continued .
Sierra said " I'm with you till you get our queen free only our queen"
Mierraa said " then , you must crawling till the window of the plane "
"What " Sierra said" craaaawling till what on the board of this damn plane . facing strongest winds that cuts one in small pieces if he failed."
Mierraa said in strong and trussing voice " now do the order"
They hardly crawled l
Till the windows of two sides Sierra and Mierraa shot the windows till they forced an opening great holes . they hurried pointed their weapons towards the leader of the swarm . mierraa ordered the wasps to get off their weapons . The wasps do it hardly . she ordered the guards of the pilot to get off the plane .They refused first then they do after they saw the fire shot nearing them.
" Now " said Mierraa " where is our Queen?"
"What?" said the leader
Tierra said imitating him as a joke " What?"" she ordered " tell us or you will die as that "she fired nearest his head " I will fired near you head"
The leader said " I will put on my tin hat"
"Then I will shot to your neck " Sierra said . mierraa said "or to your seat that go through it till your heart " . he shouted "no , no " .Tierra said " or catching his hornies till they will get out of your body."
The leader's wasp said " no, no ,no I will till you"