The brave bee

The battle
The wasp went from the cabinet of the pilot hen he entered the soldiers' cabinet where the slave are there. The two bees jump on his horn and the third putting her small wings in his eyes .he shouted loudly
'my eyes 'my eyes"
The four got a rod of wood that she got of chair. She put it on his eyes one after one
He shouted you "want to". But the bee stroke him on his head he stopped shouting .she stroke him again and again till he fall down . the leader ordered the other wasp to go to discover what had happened . when he entered the bee stroke him directly. He tried to avoid her but the two jumped and do as they did with the last wasp. He fall down. the two bees took the weapons from the two soldiers and they entered the cabinet and shouted loudly "threw your weapons away"
They faced the wasps with weapons . the wasps astonished and they hesitated and then they threw the weapons. The bees called the others bees they all entered .
Fierra said" what will we do with this slaves?"
Sierra said " let them free!"
"What?" They all answered, and mierra said " did you know what they do if we let them free?". "They kill us" she continued .
Tierra said " may we took their horn off!"
"No, no" said mierra.
Fierra said " we took their wings off and threw them from the airplane"
" yes ,yes1" Said mierra. We will threw them from this plane".
The wasps became afraid
Mierra said "Where is the leader?"