The stars war

There were stars that see their friend star having more light than them . they became more anger from her as she obeyed the God believe in God and obeyed her father and mother .she prayed the God and Her lights more shine. The others became more anger from her .they went to the sun and said to her " You must punish the star that her lights more shine " . "Why" said the sun. they said " as she didn't obey her God , her mother or her father."
The sun said "I'll do my best to get her lights down. I'll tell the wind to go to their to cover her and make her lights go away"
The stars went to the wind and said to him as they said to the sun "the star don't obey her father and mother and The God"'
The wind said "I'll do my best to get her lights down"
The stars went to the rains and told them as they told the wind and the Sun. the rains said " I'll rain more and more and make her lights go away"
They went to the wise of the stars and told him as they told the sun ,the wind and the rains.
The wise said "I'll put her soon in prisons and make her light turn off"
But the sun feel that there is something incorrect. She went to the house of the stars she knocked the door her father opened to her . The sun said "Is it true that your sun didn't obey you ,her mother or her God"
The father said "what?"
He continued" My daughter obeyed me , her mother and the God . My daughter do her best to make us happy"
The sun asked the trees and the land and the sky as she asked the star's father.
They told her as the father said . the sun in hurry went to the stars wise and told him the truth . the stars lied him .the star is innocent. The wise rusted and get the star free and let her lights more. He ordered to put the other stars in prison