The polite Accentor

There was obtuse accentor. She didn't heard the Word of teachers in school. so her father told her that if her Market became as the first student he will give bough of wheat that she will eat all day.
Accentor went to school .she heard her teachers with advertency . she became very polite and active. She had been realized for a birds and returned to her home and reviewed the duty and Market lessons and has been on this case even become the best, and loved ones of all students and teachers as well as her father gave her when he learned to eat wheat along the branch today.
There was a girl watcher was lethargic . she hate accentor of her superiority. She said to her colleagues of these birds will be avenged accentor and showed them.
one of them said: Why?
watcher accentor said because all the students and teachers love her and I will therefore kidnap her with the gang and I call the Eagle
One of the girls said to the watcher: hard .He will eat!
the watcher Accentor said: This is a penalty to leave the group!
At the end of the school day, the watcher Accentor waited a birds gang and they took her purse and took to The Eagle House
There knock the door of Eagle house.
Said the gang: "We're friends, band birds.
Said: What are your gifts?
She said: "see us ,watch beautiful and profound!
Seen from the bottom to the top of The polite Accentor of the Eagle and grabbed one of her quill and said huskily: it is small and thin from hunger .
The polite Accentor said: So you make her prisoner and give her the food and even then protect the whole
Said: the idea
He then gave each one of the gang branch of wheat, saying: Take and started .Ah The polite Accentor Cried The polite Accentor which had been placed in the cage and ask the Eagle has been released and that the eagle, but did not respond to them, and in the meantime her parents had searched everywhere, then gold birds and the police officer's father told his daughter's disappearance
The officer said: Maybe I went to a friend
And take a picture of her and distributed to police stations, sections of the absence of an informant's Accentor picture.
In the meantime, Eagle income patients can not move only with difficulty and went to the house, saying Accentor
"I'm sick and in need of food will now heal so I'll eat you"
Accentor said, "Please let me .may I help you in your sick"
Eagle laughter and a few slow and then he told the Accentor, "You help me"
Accentor said "Yes" and then was "I would advise you to go to the doctor now,"
"Does the doctor think that the recovery can?"
She said, "Maybe." Why not try? "
Eagle missed a few hours and then opened the door and entered and then exhausted himself on the ground, she screamed .Accentor "Please do not fall before you have to open me, Believe me, open this prison and even help you recover from your sick and pain"
disease's eagle resisted and tried to open the watcher of the fall, but didn't complete. He fell, Until he was close to the prison. He threw the key to Accentor. she tried to come to it through the key offering of wheat to make it be nearest
She tried until finally succeeded.
Accentor opened the door of prison and has been aiming to take care of the Eagle
After several days the opening of the eagle eyes and said: "I am very hungry I must eat and there is no food
Therefore I must eat you. "Then he said in remorse," but I was on my auspices .How I eat you. I must thank you and thanks to you is that I will transport you to your family. " Accentor then was carried on his back to the home of birds. When eagle birds moved to the Kingdom of Accentors. Aircraft of Accentors flied to meet the eagle, as well as the enemy body
But Accentor screamed them an invited them to stop fighting. She said "He has come on a peace mission."
Accentor knocked the door, and when her opened the door and saw her daughter .Her mother was passed out.
The father heard the clamor, even faster to explore even more joy to see his daughter.
She said to her father and mother" The eagle has saved me and brought me to you". father and mother and their daughter, thank eagle that let the eagle filled his eyes with tears . In the afternoon he was standing in front of the school and took a ring and entered the school. He caught the gang and brought them to the police station. He said to the officer" these are the gang of birds that kidnapped the birds . The officer arrested them.
The eagle flied in the sky and saluted the Accentor and her family. He decided to be a good person