the thief 8

The thief 8
He said "that ugly face marries that smart
That stupid mind marries that intelligent
That negligible marries that important
That's no way that's false
But I can't bear one's demands
To help and can't give my hand
I can't bear to see that smart
Suffering ill paralyze without end
To be cure and returned her attract
I will try to give her a hope
I will try to return that work
Which contains bad magic as you think"
He opened the door but for his luck
There was a guard that entered with speed
Said "the king has bad news for a thief
Who entered the princess room and gave
A bad sign for guards and their works
The king was angry and had a  bad looks"
The thief wanted to run but he was caught
With a strong had and heard"
What did you think?"
"Stay her till I ask my boss"
The woman cried at him in strong
"You must not go or I will forget
Every promise I had told"
The man said"
No, I will not stand
The king is so sad
He said we are not intelligent
To let a man go as he wants
I will ask my boss"
She said "you must forget
Our plan to marry and love
The govern home we build
You are the king
And I am the queen
You will do every demand
I ask and I want"
He said "my land or my love
My duty or my love
My land is in the front
He asked the boss
The thief was arrested
He was in a court
The king was a present