the thief 5

She heard that guy who quarreled
With witch woman at loud
He said:" you have deceived me
You promised me
That we will marry
On a short time without any
Late or any change of the plane
That we decided in our mind
Why don't I find
Any sign or even light?
As we made our deal holy
We made it for eternity
Why do you make this hope decrease?
And this makes your love increase
To that old man to get your wish"
She whispered me with an astonish
I came in hurry ,I came in rush
I heard the witch's strange speech
We hurried to the king to tell the story
The king refused to listen or even march
The princess argued as her last wish
She convinced him and we move in rush
He heard the man said"
I am your faith
Guy who puts his life
As you wish
Order me to convert that palace
To stones or rubbish hose"
The witch said "no, that's foolish
I will do better than your polish
Thinking in that subject in rush
I will marry that old one
And our plane will be gone"
The silent was there and governs
All minds who appears be absence
For times foe seconds
The king opened the door at once
He saw them in a kiss 
He covered the princess'
Face not to see the worse
To make her daughter not notice
The bad thing that was caused
He ordered to kill the guy
The witch cried "no that's my lover
That my man I waited with eager
To make him a king or richer
Man than any one was mentioned"
She wept her much tears
She continued with crying"
I knew he may deserve me
I knew he was avid me
He can't love me
As I have bad face
And I did not become youth"
 Then she bowed on him
She said" that is only one
Who said to me my love
Who said he saw love
During my smile and laugh
"he said "his spirit tied with mine
Even I may be stayed or gone
I will love with all mind"
She looked to  the king and said"
Why don't you
Let him go
Why do you kill him?
She cried with loud voice
The earthquake appears at once
The fire was appeared on all sides
The things are flying and lying
 The palace moved up
She said "you will get your wish
Your bratty girl will be vanish
She will be paralyzed
You will gain your want