the thief 10

The execute
The sun begun to rise
The calling for pray was rise
And the pray was begun
He also prayed to his God
Said" you give all things
What they love and want
You planet a huge tree
From a negligible seed
You make the water descend
To water the thirsty land
You make the river runs
With welfare and fun
We can feed by it
We can sail through it
The seas and the oceans waves
Can destroy the world and give
The sign of your done
The birds that flies
Without any one cares
Except the god sees
It even it is darkness
The winds only carry
Them above clouds those
Over imagines or thoughts
I know that you can save
My weakness and poor slave
Save me from that punished
And I do as you want
I will pray ,fast and pay
The money to the poor with happy
As I save and spread the funny
To all human ,that's makes me lucky
Give me the life to happy every life
And make all alive
Live wit satisfy
Suddenly he heard hurried steps
The door was opened
Then he was dragged
His feet couldn't bear his body
He couldn't move or escape
He was calling for forgiveness
He entered room of death
The man said "what do you want?
Before you faced a death                                                                                                                                                                                                        
He said "I want to see the princess
And look at her face
And say a farewell words
They said "what ,what"
The demand made them puzzled
They said" no see ,no want
The religion man said" repeat ,repeat
There  is no God
Except Allah is the God
And bear the witness
That Mohammad the prophet
he saw them suddenly bowed
the king entered at the moment
he entered them to his site
to experience that accused
he was in seconds
he kneeled and kissed the king's hand