the thief 4

The thief 5
Our princess got sick
She felt bad and ill
Her rosy cheeks were fainted
Her red lips were faded
Her body got to be delicate
Her eyes had no tears
She asked her father
Not to marry her
But her father had insisted
She saw her future black
She couldn't sleep or even talk
The physicians got lack
"How could they cure her back?"
 The king was very happy
To get from his lover happy
He  forgot everything except happy
My princess looked as the trees in winter
As the leaves became dear
She said" I am so poor
As the trees have no green
I am ready for my sunset
That might get down in the west
Dear ma forgive me for my false
Or any word I said"
I cried and kneeled on her
I said "forgive you! What  a matter!
You are my sunrise appears with welfare
You have kind heart and mind
You have an angel spirit
If all human like you
The welfare will grow
When  I saw you I like all
When I saw you I learn the word
The mean kind ,love and good
You will live till you burned
Me but you mustn't forget
Me at your sleep or at awakens
To the god to give me forgiveness"
After some days  I smiled
I told her to go to the groom
Telling him she can't marry him
Their life will not be well
So he must look for another one
Can be his only lover
She went at a moment
She heard a strange talk