Save the queen2

"where?" Mierraa said ."tell me !tell me!" continued Mierraa.
The wasp leader said "in the harvested crop of wheat ,in the middle of it after it there were a lot of soldiers in circles .1st circle surrounded your queen and the bigger surrounded the circle and so on so on . If any one wants to save her the all heap will be burned". After the burn the all soldiers will run and fly and actually your queen will be vanished . actually any one will be seen will be killed immediately.
"By who?" Mierraa asked. "by who?" said again
Tierra said "there must be a lot of hunter over wall, that they will shot any one were seen.
What will we do now? Sierra said.
mierraa said "1st we keep this prison arrested an in the safe place away of seen.
2nd we make a plane to get our queen free. "
"Now take him in the far place with this plane that it may be useful for us". The pilot drove the plane away and the pilot and leader were prisoner and prevented from running .
Mierraa were going here and there. she were thinking in a plane to save her queen . she said finally "I found it .I found it! "