The punishment

"who are you to order us and do what you want?" said mierraa.
"oh ! no! no! " he said and looked to his soldiers and said to them in the microphone "Who am I? "
"You are the colonel Dapoura. The chief and the president of our republic " said the wasp's soldiers.
"know .do you know now who I am? "said Dapoura and continued "now my turn to ask you. Do you want to know about what I ask you? .I can say what the way do you want to die" said Dapoura.
"Oh ! no! no!" said the crowd of the bees and some of them cried.
"I'll tell you and save your time .in the previous we the wasps cut your heads and suck every thing in your bodies honey and blood . as you do as heroes ,you must die in another way" said Dapoura
The cried of bees increased and some of them lost their consciousness.
He looked at them and say" did you agree with your hero do? Did you agree ?"
"In the previous we attack you and killed some of you and you rebuilt your kingdom again to the circle of life continued. But you did a new thing that wasn't known. So …."said the colonel
BUT MIERRAA objected him and said" you are lying!"
All the bees crowd and shouted some of them agree and the other refuse.
"what ? What did you say?"
"You must say a joke " he said and laughed in the microphone with aloud voice and faced Mierraa "did you know what are you saying. I am the president of that life with my finger I can kill you and your nation. Did you want us to do like the union nations."
Mierraa collected her nerve and say" Union nations for protecting the strong nation against the weaken nation. They are like you . kill who they want and occupy their land"
"Oh no! now you lost my time .I am in hurry. I choose the way to kill you that agree with you’re your situation .Your building her now was surrounding with a lot of bombs and there are piping filled with gas .After I leave there were or you account till one hundred .then the piping let the gas in this building and in minutes the bombs will explosive and destroy you to pieces now I" said Dapoura but flying wasps come to him in hurry and told him something that made his face to change and he flied immediately ordering to take the Queen.