"How ?" said Tierra .
Follow me !" said mierraa .they caught a bundle of whale and raised it over their heads .She told them to take two corners and disappear from the viewers till she
Comes and give them the sign
"The sign to do what?" said Tierra
"burn the wheat "said Mierraa.
"Burn what ,we will burn also" said Sierra.
"I'll save you by this plane ."mierraa said. "Don't waste the time" continued mierraa.
Now they 're crawling and stop covering their bodies by bundles of sticks of wheat.
Till Tierra takes her place and so does sierra .now they still without no movement.
Now mierraa go to the plane and get the pilot and the leader free and they took the plane off . she ordered the leader to salute the soldiers till they reach the place where is the queen. Mierraa ordered the leader to order his soldiers to get the queen to the plane where she will be judged .
She flied wither queen and go to the two corners where they burnt the wheat. And she took them she returned to her kingdom with very pleasure.
She invited all of rest bees to great meeting
The all of bees salute their queens and the new heroes Mierraa.
They saluted them very much and invited Mierraa to say a speech.
When mierraa says" we must salute our queens and " the all presents hear a stroing voice saying "and salute our hero"
He entered the hall meeting.
He was the colonel of wasps called Dapoura