Face with Dapoura

"Yes, salute the hero ,your hero, yours" said in the amplifier.
"who are you?" said Mierraa.
"who is talking?" said the strange.
"I must search in the rubbish to discover who is talking" continued the strange
Loud voices from the presence.
"Isn't admire you? That is true I can't see any one can fill my thoughts and gain my respect " said the strange ."The only one is the Queen that can fill my eyes.
The loud voices increasing as expression of their refuse.
Mierraa stood and said "Yes who are you?"
" who what ? , by truth you are very negliglable .I can fill my mouth with air and face to you. you will be crush soon" said the strange .
All presence soldiers wasps laughs.
"Yes .I am very small comparing you but I didn't fair of you" said Mierraa.
"What? .You didn't fair of me means you fear now let me salute for her faith " He said and clap his hands and follow him his soldiers clapping their hands loudly.
"Yes said mierraa "but who can use her mind and get the victory" continued Mierraa.
"You mean the stupid thing that you had made!" said the strange ."I let you do what you want for my soldiers knowing who are you and where you 're making your meeting, By the way 'the fire you'd done is distinguished as my solders made
Hey saw your friends made a fire. And you fire every inch of this court ,my soldiers run and distinguished it, so you al of you deserve punish . what a punish you deserve?. I say you must be burnt in your places except your queen . She will b live and lying eggs that will be slaves." Said the strange!