What's happening?

Mierraa said" what's happening?"
Sierra said "what are we thinking and what are?. We must get away to run to escape"
Tierra said " any one of you has counted"
Mierraa said " what does make Dapoura running?"
Sierra said" my sir please !get a way to run from here"
Mierraa said which no. has been reached?"
Tierra said" in the fifty nos."
Sierra said " you must get away to run .you are responsible for that. You try to make us heroes . Yes we all want to be heroes , but by the death"
The crowd of bees shouted at mierraa and said "we don't die , we love the live"
All of them repeat it"
But at once one shouted we reached the no of eighty"
"No, no , "all the crowd shouted and cried and suddenly one of the out doors has been opened and the all bees run through it .But mierraa said in the microphone " we are arranged nation .We must get out in order and without any trouble "
Then the all doors has been opened. The all prisoner bees got out ,but one of servants shouted at Mierraa "you are the hero here . the future queen still there you must save her"
Mierraa said" oh ! no! the future queen in danger and our queen in danger , I must save the future queen"
Sierra and Tierra shouted at her not to do but she didn't her them and entered and then in he hall was explosive