The hulk appeared1

The boy was so brave
He said what I have
He tied my father
So did to my mother
I will not sustain
I will try to gain
Every best as I imagine
He ran so fast
He did his effort
The hulk was so anger
He ran after him
He wanted to catch him
The boy ascended the stairs
His heart pumped fast
Its sound was so loud
The hulk followed him
He ascended after him
His foot steps made a thunder
The earth vibrated harder
Every stair he stepped
Crashed and was descended
He was so confident
He looked at the boy
As his could get in way
Of simple and easy
The boy noticed the light's hole
That was done in houses
Made for permit the lights
Get in the summer and days
But in winter and rainy
It was covered by easy
And light to remove it
When the summer or sunny
Days returned as they
Usually appeared in home
Egypt is the warmest home
The boy moved away
Of the hole that his way
The hulk went straight
He fell at this hole
He called for a robe
No one was free
To give hand or say
He ran to it
He made a circle
He threw over his neck
He threw the other end
At the down at the land
He jumped to the land
He tied the other end t
At the horse's neck
He rode it fast
He was as knight
Who would make an act
Of victory gained
By the faith and effort